Venetian cellos

venetian cellos

venetian cellos

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in buying or selling a Venetian cello.  We will be pleased to email you a price list of cellos currently for sale. Our family-run cello shop has helped cellists to buy and sell their Venetian cello masterpieces, from Busan to Montagnana.

Pietro Guarneri cello

Sanctus Seraphin cello

Giorgio Seraphin cello

Santo Seraphin cello

Carlo Tononi cello

Matteo Goffriller cello

Francesco Goffriller cello

Domenico Montagnana cello

Peter of Venice Guarnerius cello

Domenicus Busan cello


anselmo bellosio cello

Franciscus Gobetti cello

Michele Deconet cello

Giulio Degani cello